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Over the course of the proceedings, which dragged on for two years, Jocelyn was awarded an astounding $2.3 billion settlement, with $100 million for 13 years afterward.

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Jocelyn Perisset Wildenstein (née Périsset; August 5, 1940) is a Swiss-born American socialite known for her extensive cosmetic surgery (with nicknames such as “Catwoman”, “The Lion Queen”, and “The Bride Of Wildenstein” from news outlets), her divorce from late billionaire businessman Alec Wildenstein in 1999, and for her extravagant

Residence: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

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Over the past 20 years, Wildenstein, 72, has largely disappeared from the public eye, and has since married fashion designer Lloyd Klein, 50. PAPER sat down with Wildenstein to talk about her life spent traveling the world, building a game reserve in Kenya, cosmetic surgery and why she really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.

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Video ansehen · New York City socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein was once worth billions — but now her fortune has vanished. Wildenstein, whom the New York City tabloids dubbed “Catwoman” because of her unusual

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IT IS not hard to see why plastic-surgery fanatic Jocelyn Wildenstein is known the world over as “catwoman”.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein’s life began as Jocelyn Périsset in a middle-class family in Switzerland. Whilst growing up in Switzerland she became an expert hunter and an able pilot. During a trip to Africa she fell head over heels in love with Alec Wildenstein at his personal ranch in Kenya.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein has an estimated net worth of around $20 million. Her main source of income was her settlement after her divorce to the late Alec Wildenstein who was a billionaire. After the divorce, she received over $1 billion.

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