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From an economic perspective, the most positive outcome of the treaty negotiations (ratified in 1922) was that the Irish Free State acquired …

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IDA Ireland actively plans for success. As Ireland’s inward promotion agency, we partner with established companies, both large and small, working with them every step of the way to achieve a smooth, fast and successful set-up of their operations in Ireland.

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Ireland has outpaced other developed economies over the past two years, a boom led by U.S. corporate investment, exports and spending that follows years of volatility.

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This disconnect led to the 2017 development by the Central Bank of Ireland of Irish modified GNI (or GNI*) for measuring the Irish economy (2016 GDP is 143% of Irish 2016 GNI*, and OECD Irish gross public debt-to-GNI* is 116.5%).

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Irish Economic Development: High-performing EU State …

It depicts Ireland as a micro-state with a unique reliance on foreign-assisted businesses, driven in part by a favourable taxation regime. It shows that rent-seeking by trades unions and property developers contributed to the fall since 2002.

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Rethinking Irish Economic Development. Given past failures and in the face of future threats, such as BREXIT and corporation tax competition, Irish policymakers should not revert to business as usual.

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Ireland – Economic development Government policies are premised on private enterprise as a predominant factor in the economy. Specific economic programs adopted in recent decades have attempted to increase efficiency in agriculture and industry, stimulate new export industries, create employment opportunities for labor leaving the …

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The implementation of a new development plan aiming at economic, environmental and social progress should be conditional on this commitment to improve the fiscal position, requiring projects to be carefully prioritised.

Ireland’s economy fastest growing in European Union

Ireland’s economy has surged 7.7% in a year, according to official figures that appear to show the former Tiger economy has rediscovered its vigour.

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