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Zie je karma niet als straf, maar meer als leermiddel of groeimogelijkheid, dan zul je de uitspraak Karma is a bitch waarschijnlijk niet gebruiken. “Karma” is een woord uit het Sanskriet dat handeling, aktie of daad betekent, en …

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Feb 17, 2011 · Keizer- karma is een bitch. Dit is mijn eerst lyrics die ik heb gemaakt. Stuur ff een comment als er fouten in zitten of als je nog tips hebt Karma is een Karma is een Karma is een Karma is een

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It is likely a mix of having bad Karma and the idiom Payback’s a bitch, where Payback is performed by someone wronged by the now punished person, but Karma just happened to the person for some seemingly righteous reason not necessarily related to …

Also used as the rhetorical question Ain’t karma a bitch? Synonyms: What goes around, comes around Getting his just desserts He had it coming and strongly related to Payback’s a bitch It is likely a mix of having bad Karma and the idiom Payback’s a bitch , where Payback is performed by someone wronged by the now punished person, but Karma just happened to the person for some seemingly righteous reason not necessarily related to a person or physical entity. The bitch part is personifying the concept Karma , which is claimed to have doled out the resulting punishment. It is a taunt aimed at a person who is supposedly asking for the situation he is in, due to his previous actions. So the person saying it, considers the one he says it to or about deserves to be punished because of something they did. For example: someone is so busy pointing and laughing at a person who had an accident, that he walks straight into a lamp post and breaks his nose. His friend who did not find the accident they saw funny, could say “Ain’t Karma a bitch?” Here is a short movie giving a good idea: Karma’s A Bitch from Justin Tan (Likely NSFW for some)Beste Antwort · 13There’s another meaning of bitch that should clear this up. From NOAD: bitch ( noun )
1 a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
2 informal derogatory a woman whom one dislikes or considers to be malicious or unpleasant.
• [in sing. ] informal a thing or situation that is unpleasant or difficult to deal with : the stove is a bitch to fix . So, in the phrase karma is a bitch , the writer means: “When what goes around comes around, the situation can be difficult to deal with or fix.” It might be worth noting that Collins marks this use of the word as slang , while Macmillan labels it as very informal .5
Charles Doyle, Wolfgang Mieder & Fred Shapiro, The [Yale] Dictionary of Modern Proverbs (2012) gives a first occurrence date for “Karma is a bitch” of 1995, suggesting that this saying is very young: Karma is a bitch. 1995 Hollywood Reporter 7 Aug.: “Hello? Hello? HELLO? Nobody answers Did somebody say Tommy on line 2? Karma is a bitch” (ellipsis dots and capitalization as shown). Cf. “PAYBACK is a bitch” and “LIFE is a bitch.” In the Dictionary of Modern Proverbs , “Payback is a bitch” has a first cited occurrence from 1970, and “Life is a bitch” has a first cited occurrence from 1940 (and subsequent variations “Life is a bitch and then you die” [1982] and “Life is a bitch and then you marry one” [1987]). It’s unclear whether “Payback is a bitch” is an outgrowth of “Life is a bitch,” but I think it’s likely, given the similarity in their focus on retribution, that “Karma is a bitch” is a mutation of “Payback is a bitch.”0In Indian Religions ( Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism ), the resultant of doing something generates a Karma, and Not doing anything also generates a karma. Doing right ( Dharma ) generates Good Karma and Doing Wrong ( Adharma ) generates Bad Karma. However Dharma is subjective to time, space , society and being. What may be Dharma to you can be Adharma to someone else. A fish and cat see water differently. Water to fish is life and death to cat. There are no answers given in hinduism. Only right questions. The person has to find answers in “n” number of lives. ITS FUCKING COMPLICATED. Hence KARMA IS A BITCH. Cos, you never know, what you are doing thinking Dharma may still generate Bad Karma to you. Hope this will help you understand it better

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What is the origin of the phrase ‘karma is a bitch’? – Quora


The phrase “Karma is a bitch.” rather came from a parallel idiom “Payback’s a bitch.” If a person says payback’s a bitch, they mean that something bad has happened as a …

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Jan 26, 2018 · The Karma is a Bitch challenge is a new social trend that involves staring into the camera, saying ‘karma is a bitch’, throwing a scarf or sheet up to cover your face, then …

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Karma Is a Bitch, also known as the Karma Is a Bitch Challenge, is a selfie video fad in which participants lip sync the line “karma is a bitch” uttered by the character Veronica from the television show Riverdale before cutting to …

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Karma heeft met niemand medelijden, zelfs niet met dit lieve kleine meisje. Haar moeder vraagt of ze een stukje mag van een koekje dat der dochter heeft. Het meisje weigert en probeert aan haar te ontkomen, maar helaas voor haar is karma …

What is meant by ‘Karma is a bitch’? – Quora


Karma is a concept that relies about justice being served when it’s needed. For instance, someone sticks their leg out to trip someone, and when the person is tripped, the guy who stuck his leg out gets his leg broken. When people say “Karma is a bitch”, it is because karma can really hit you hard in ironic and coincidental ways.

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Ik wist niet eens wat de uitdrukking betekende: “Karma is a bitch”. Maar ik kwam er achter toen raadslid Mia Sliwinski uit Nissewaard het twitterde naar aanleiding van de kraan (fabrikaat Bin Laden), die in Mekka naar beneden donderde en daar in de moskee bijna honderd doden veroorzaakte.

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